26 Apr 2013

2013 Spring Season Show Schedule

2013 spring (May ~ June) craft show schedule

Cuddly Cat Rescue and Sanctuary Craft show:
Date: May 4 ~ 5, 10:00AM ~ 4:00PM
Location: Whitby Curling Club. 815 Brock St. N. Whitby ON L1N 9S8

East Gwillimbury Spring Craft show:
Date: May 11. 10 AM ~ 4PM
Location: Holland landing Community Centre, York/Trillium Room. 19513 Yonge St. Holland Landing ON L9N 1L8

The Great Strides Walk:
Date: May 26.
Location: Chinguacousy Park 9050 Bramalea Rd, Brampton, ON L6S 6G7

Three Valleys PS. FunFair
Date: June 2. 10 AM ~ 2 PM
Location: 76 Three Valleys Dr. North York ON. M3A 3B7

Art round the pond:
Date: June 15th. 10 AM ~ 4 PM
Location: Wellesley Pond. Wellesley ON N0B

* I will update more information and shows at http://www.rosasbutterfly.com/eshop/news.php

4 Apr 2013

Small project : hair sticks & fork

My wife(read boss) wants me to make some hair fork & sticks. That items are well at last christmas and at shows some people ask me to where is butterfly?

So I am making butterfly theme hair fork & sticks.

Using scrollsaw,cut out outline. resaw to half inch, Birch wood.

Ready to carving with dremel.

Using 80 grit sandpaper bit, making curvy shapes on top and prongs. I decide to have two curvy prongs. make right curvature and length are still mystery for me. google god doesn't have much information now...my wife proper stick over fork...

Hand sanding from 80 grits to 220 grits. Ouch on my elbow.

The stand is made from last year christmas tree. Finish will be shellac sealed coating with sgraffito on the top.

24 Mar 2013

Wrapping up national home show

For 10day, i am at the national home show. What a great traffic for free samples. Kinda good exposure to peoples, but that's it. I am gonna take a good break for few days with empty pocket.

21 Mar 2013

Making of 4 inch wall clock

Assembled wooden frame. Base wood is used.
On mitered corner, We use traditional method of  reinforcement. No nail or staples used.

Sealing with rabbit skin glue. 

rabbit skin glued is applied on wooden frame. before we apply the sealing.
lots of  hand sanding is done. 

Waiting completely dried  the sealer. 7~10 coat of gesso is applied.

Use a lot of elbow grease....

sanding, sanding, sanding, sanding,sanding...and sanding.

this stage is coating bole(clay) around 5 times.

Put base colour.

Over the base colour, painted casein paint to ready for sgraffito. 

Creating Sgraffito boarder over Gold base colour.

Bare Tumbled stone. It will be my clock's face. 

Decorating clock face. drill the hole on the middle and Roman number is painted by hand.
Tada!! Finished Look. Quartz movement and clock needle from Lee valley tools.

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20 Mar 2013

gilt table lamp

Welcome to Rosa's Butterfly Gallery

oriental style table lamp. fretwork on shade with korean
traditional paper and mother of pearl accent

Shade detail. Old cathedral Rose window motif fretwork by scroll saw.
In the middle, inserted mother of pearl.

19 Mar 2013

How to make Easter egg fridge magnet.

I have four school-age kids, hands out from school is pouring in.

I already have lots of fridge magnet from local dental clinics, real-estates firms, and so on.
But thing is they not holding handsouts, school schedules, kids drawings, and my lotto tickets well enough.

My wife and I discuses about new products coming season, we agreed make strong enough to holding papers or kids drawing on fridge door.
silicon molding.

I make a molding from real egg, and put strong magnet on the back. I found strong one at homedepot_ they are not expensive. Luxury option for magnet will be a rare-earth magnet.

resin casting, before it cured, it is clear liquid. then turn to white solid color.
Be careful, it is very hot when it is curing.  

finished one,cured resin, insert magnet on curing resin
you can find silicon molding kits at your local sculpture material shop.
Read carefully on directions and don't forget to open the window. Not to touch the molding when it iscuring, it is getting very hot. It will be cured around 10~15 min.


In my case, I using a gold pigment powder for base coat. Then apply colour with Richeson Casein paint.
And then scratch out casein paint withbamboo stick. This technique called sgraffito.If you want to know about more sgraffito check the wiki page.With this technique, you can have a fine lines and detail on small surface.

Let them dry for two days or so.( orafter around 30 min. you can apply clear vanish on the surface)

And it is time to be a Easter Bunny yourself! And have a fridge magnet after easterday.

You can buy Easter egg magnet or molding from my website www.rosasbutterfly.com

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