21 Mar 2013

Making of 4 inch wall clock

Assembled wooden frame. Base wood is used.
On mitered corner, We use traditional method of  reinforcement. No nail or staples used.

Sealing with rabbit skin glue. 

rabbit skin glued is applied on wooden frame. before we apply the sealing.
lots of  hand sanding is done. 

Waiting completely dried  the sealer. 7~10 coat of gesso is applied.

Use a lot of elbow grease....

sanding, sanding, sanding, sanding,sanding...and sanding.

this stage is coating bole(clay) around 5 times.

Put base colour.

Over the base colour, painted casein paint to ready for sgraffito. 

Creating Sgraffito boarder over Gold base colour.

Bare Tumbled stone. It will be my clock's face. 

Decorating clock face. drill the hole on the middle and Roman number is painted by hand.
Tada!! Finished Look. Quartz movement and clock needle from Lee valley tools.

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