4 Apr 2013

Small project : hair sticks & fork

My wife(read boss) wants me to make some hair fork & sticks. That items are well at last christmas and at shows some people ask me to where is butterfly?

So I am making butterfly theme hair fork & sticks.

Using scrollsaw,cut out outline. resaw to half inch, Birch wood.

Ready to carving with dremel.

Using 80 grit sandpaper bit, making curvy shapes on top and prongs. I decide to have two curvy prongs. make right curvature and length are still mystery for me. google god doesn't have much information now...my wife proper stick over fork...

Hand sanding from 80 grits to 220 grits. Ouch on my elbow.

The stand is made from last year christmas tree. Finish will be shellac sealed coating with sgraffito on the top.

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